One of BPIMC's clinical interventions is BPIMC On-Line, BPIMC's innovative telephonic injury triage service. BPIMC On-Line provides injury assessment for workplaces that cannot support a medical clinic on-site. BPIMC On-Line can also be used to complement on-site clinics after-hours or on weekends, or whenever an on-site medical professional is not in the clinic.

We believe that the way to deal with work place health risks is to prevent them. We work with employers to identify and proactively prevent injures of the types described below. Neck, back, and joint injuries: at Brunswick Princeton Industrial Medical Center we also help people with back, muscle, tendon, and joint problems and use an armamentarium of medications, rest, exercises, retraining, work hardening, and physical therapy modalities. We also advise you as to the likelihood of a complaint being work related.

Chemical exposures and fume inhalations
At times, a worker may be exposed to a toxic substance. We obtain MSDS sheets from the employer or the manufacturer and rapidly develop a plan to limit damage from the offending substance.

At the medical center, we are happy to take care of injures including emergency procedures.

We take foreign bodies out of the eyes and cure scrapes and cuts of the cornea and conjunctiva.

(fixing) lacerations (skin wounds) and dealing with avulsed areas (when a piece of skin is torn out of the body). We normally see these injures without delay.

Preventing over treatment
In difficult cases, we work with you and the patient to determine benchmarks in care. These may include the termination of care due to maximum medical benefits. We also work with you to obtain timely and appropriate independent medical examinations.

Lost time accidents
In most cases we are able to secure light duty on the day we first see the injured worker. We track our outcomes and endeavor to prevent accidents from becoming lost time events. We encourage early return to full duty.

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